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Electric Motorcycles are finally receiving government subsidies

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 18 Oct 2016

Government subsidies on electric bike purchases?

For a number of years now, the purchase of a four wheeled electric vehicle meant you would receive a government subsidy. However, the Motorcycle Industry Association have recently declared that this privilege will now be available to those who purchase an electric motorcycle.

The main reason for introducing this subsidy it to hopefully increase the number of riders purchasing a zero emissions motorcycle, as currently they are not the most affordable vehicles. Supposedly, if you purchase an electric bike you are entitled to 20% off, as long as the motorcycle meets a specific quality standard.

Motorcycle Quality Standards
  • Must weigh at least 50 kg without the batteries fitted
  • Must emit 0 grams of Co² per km
  • Must reach a speed of 40 kpm or more
  • The battery must have a five year warranty and a range of 50 km

The government are spending around £35 million in the hope to boost the amount of ultra-low emissions vehicles, which also includes £10 million being spent to increase the amount of charging stations outside homes and workplaces.

It is yet to be announced when this scheme will become applicable or the models that will be made available as low emissions vehicles. To start with, manufacturers need to apply and be accepted for a grant before they can make any more progress.

I’m sure we’ll be bringing you more information in the forthcoming weeks. For now keep an eye on our blogs and get following our social media sites at MOBbikers.