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EBR Motorcycles is shutting down…Again

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 27 Jan 2017

EBR Motorcycles is shutting down…Again

EBR Motorcycles Black Lightning

It seems that Eric Buell Motorcycles (EBR) is shutting down once again. A statement was released by the firm yesterday, which revealed that they will begin winding down operations starting from next week. Although this has happened many times before, it would appear that this time it could be for good. Nevertheless, sources say that the firm have been searching for an investor to takeover. However, the company has tried many times before to recover the brand and nothing seems to help them settle, so maybe it is time they just give up.

The decision was made to shut down EBR Motorcycles, as the company have failed to increase sales, as well as secure new dealerships over the last two years, leaving the firm with lots of unsold units in storage.

EBR Motorcycles have said that they will continue to provide technical parts, as well as honour warranties to those who have purchased an EBR bike, which is expected to start from March.