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Fenati’s Fight With SKY VR46 Crew

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Posted on 22 Aug 2016

SKY VR46 Team - Pablo Nieto - Romano Fenati

Pablo Nieto has strongly denied claims that Romano Fenati was fighting with the SKY VR46 team after qualifying for Moto3 in Austria. Apparently the 19 year old was sacked due to his destructive behaviour whilst communicating with team members. After heated team discussions, Fenati was awarded a third warning and dismissed.

PabloNeito - Quote =  “It could be that he was a little bit aggressive in how he explained things. That's the main thing. But normally with him we have a very good relation. This is clear. This was the main point now that we were a little bit sad to make this third warning that he get it, because in our team we have our rules. We must have that.”

Spanish and Italian newspapers reported that Fenati was not fulfilling obligations as he refused to move closer to Rossi’s ranch for training purposes, and did not change his dietary habits. Fenati’s mother Sabrina defended her son and responded to those claims on Facebook saying:

Sabrina Fenati - Quote -  “After there was a meeting with me, Romano, Pietro Caprara, Pablo Nieto and Alessio [Uccio] Salucci. The team said he didn't fulfill certain obligations. No one was beaten, no one threw anything at anyone. At the end of the meeting, Romano threw the [paddock] pass down on the table, but he didn't throw it at anyone. The debate is over. I repeat, there was nothing mad, like pushing, or anything.

Rossi believes that time away from the from the Grand Prix will be a good thing for Fenati. Still young, with a bright start, Fenati has room to develop and mature in his professional field. This baptism of fire in probably the highest profile feeder team will let him learn from his mistakes and make a strong this space!