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​DC Design to launch custom kits for motorcycles

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 24 Jan 2017

DC Design to launch custom kits for motorcycles

DC Design Carbon Shot

DC Design are set to launch their new sub-brand, better known as DC2, where they will develop custom kits for motorcycles. Although the brand will provide a variety of different parts for bikes, the team have said that they are looking to provide high-end parts including carbon fibre and magnesium, which can be sold both individually or as a package, giving riders the opportunity to personalise their bike as they wish.

In order to show off their work, DC2 customised a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and posted the evidence on their Facebook page, to which they named ‘CarbonShot’. This design is limited edition only, which means just 5,000 are available. The Carbon Shot includes a carbon fuel tank cover which is made from a mix of carbon, chrome, and real billet. The bike also includes, a high quality leather seat, LED headlights, front indicators with billet casing and a watch inspired air filter.

The price of the ‘Carbon Shot’ custom kit is set at Rs 76,000, which is around £894. However, you will of course, still need to pay the price for the original Royal Enfield bike.

It might be quite pricey, but it is an awesome design, and we definitely wouldn’t mind one.