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​‘The Dagger’ gains plenty of attention at the LA Auto Show

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 18 Nov 2016

‘The Dagger’ gains plenty of attention at the LA Auto Show

The Dagger Divergent

Divergent 3D has created an astonishing bike which was revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, better known as ‘The Dagger’.

The motorcycle sits on a 3D printed frame and chassis with a carbon fibre structure. Divergent stated that the motorcycle is in fact 50% lighter from using these materials compared to those in use by other brands. Moreover, the frame is much more efficient and stronger on the road due to the use of these materials.

Apparently, (which is surprising considering how amazing the bike looks) the motorcycle was only fully completed THE DAY BEFORE the big event. Crazy, right?

It has been said that both the motor and the gear heads originate from the Kawasaki H2 sports bike which are some of the most significant components of the motorcycle.

However, The Dagger is not the only 3D printed motorcycle that appeared at the event. The bike was also joined by the Energica Ego which is also a stunning bike.

We’re extremely impressed by ‘The Dagger’ and we can’t wait to see what Divergent have up their sleeves for the next few years.