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​Check out Peugeots newest scooter

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Posted on 17 Mar 2017

Check out Peugeot's newest scooter

Peugeot’s new Metropolis 400 RXR

This is Peugeot’s new Metropolis 400 RXR three-wheel scooter for 2017. Now, the scooter might look a bit strange to those of you who don’t live in France, Italy, Spain or even London. However, these scooters have proven pretty popular, maybe because they are available to car licence holders to use as well as motorcyclists.

The first Metropolis was launched in 2014 and has since gained a lot of interest, which is why Peugeot have continued to update the model, providing us with greater, enhanced features to make riding even more enjoyable.

This year, Peugeot have altered the scooter to meet Euro 4 regulations, as well as including the brands latest Smart Motion 400-cc 4-valve single engine, which delivers a maximum torque of 28.1 ft lb at 5,250 rpm. In addition, the revised model now utilises 7% less fuel meaning less pollution is put out, as well as offering two-mode traction control.

Moreover, the bike now includes a remote smart key, and an easier to use electronic parking brake. Also, the spring and damper rates have been revised to keep the scooter under control, plus the addition of a two-pot caliper and 200mm discs.

Peugeot’s new Metropolis 400 RXR

The seating is relatively low at 780 mm which is perfect for those with smaller legs, unfortunately this means it might be a tight squeeze for tall folk. On the other hand, the seat does look comfortable.

Reports state that the trike can cruise at 80-90 mph which is great for a scooter, and perfect for travelling longer distance. Furthermore, the scooter comes with an informative dash, great under seat storage which can fit both a full-face helmet and an open face lid, and a USB socket.

The Metropolis starts at £7899 and is available in Metallic copper, shining titanium, and pearly white.

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