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​Check out the new Ducati Scrambler Specials

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 27 Jan 2017

Check out the new Ducati Scrambler Specials

Ducati unveiled two absolutely incredible Scrambler specials at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona last weekend, better known as the Scrambler R/T and Essenza. Both of these special models were created by Anvil Motociclette and South Garage, who are motorcycle customisers.

Scrambler R/T

The Anvil Motociclette guys started with a Scrambler Sixty2, transforming everything other than the frame and engine, and it has been said that they took design inspiration from the 1970 Ducati’s for the Scrambler R/T special. When asked about the special model, the team at Anvil Motociclette stated that they wanted to give the bike a “modern twist as if today’s motocross world has lurched sideways and by bringing some of the styling traits of the seventies into the present day”.

The 70’s inspiration is clearly shown in the seating, where the guys used cowhide to reflect the 70’s stuntman look. In addition, the bikes fuel tank also carries the same shaping as the 70’s model, however is given a slightly modern twist. Also, if you are wondering what the 53 stands for at the front of the bike, that’s how many days it took to customise the motorcycle.

Scrambler Essenza

When it comes to the Scrambler Essenza, South Garage created this masterpiece, which carries a café racer feel to it. The Essenza keeps the best parts of the Scrambler and the guys stated that: “The style of the Scrambler Essenza stems from a modern, refined Steam Punk reading in which superb craftsmanship, the quest for superlative materials, tone and finish are all combined with technical solutions of no small significance”.

Great designs, we especially love the R/T special.