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Check out this classic styled scooter from Scomadi

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Posted on 29 Dec 2016

Check out this classic styled scooter from Scomadi

Scomadi Scooter

Scomadi, a small British scooter manufacturer who you may or may not be aware of, are planning to launch a 400-cc engine scooter, similar to the Suzuki Burgman 400 which applies the classic styling of Lambrettas.

The scooter brand already deliver small capacity bikes which are currently Chinese built, and the company is a partnership which was formed by Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici who are two particularly well-known scooter tuners.

Now, a prototype of this particular model was shown last month at the EICMA show in Milan and the current plan is to put the scooter in production so that it can be made available to purchase by 2018. It seems as though they still have a long way to go, with plenty of modifications to see to, however, it has been said that testing is being carried out immediately utilising their hand built prototype to ensure the scooter adheres to Euro 4 Compliance regulations.

The new scooter is said to feature many of the same high tech component parts that are utilised in the 200-cc auto scooter engine. On the other hand, the new machine will also be fuel injected using Magnetti Marelli’s 16 bit ECU processor, and of course will be much more powerful. From the images you can see that the design is relatively simple, and it has been said that Scomadi are looking to enhance the design and include some extra performance gains.