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​Check out this awesome Snow bike from Christini AWD Motorcycles

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Posted on 03 Jan 2017

Check out this awesome Snow bike from Christini AWD Motorcycles

Snow Bike

Ok, I know we don’t exactly get the worst snow in the world to want to consider purchasing a snow bike, but we thought it looked awesome and strangely weird at the same time, so we thought we best show you anyway.

Christini All-Wheel Drive Motorcycles have revealed their II-Track Snow Bike which has been designed for specific use of recreation and military applications.

Of course, the bike makes use of All Wheel Drive (AWD) to power both the front and rear of the Snow Bike, along with the II-Track front track system which enables the machine to be utilised all year round in every condition you can think of. Apparently…

It has been argued that the system offers a snow track that is centered in between a split ski which contributes to flotation.

Snow Bike

In addition, the front track system can also support braking and steering as well as traction and the Dirt Bike Swing Arm placed on the bike allows it to remain compatible with standard snow. Moreover, the snow bike can perform in numerous conditions such as hard snow, mud, sand, and soft powder.

You can expect to pay around $8,396 for the snow bike, which is quite pricey. Nevertheless, I suppose if the snow was bad enough it would come in handy.

We would love to see some footage of the bike in action.