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BMW Motorrad Next Vision 100 -The Future Of Motorcycles?

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Posted on 14 Oct 2016

 BMW Vision Next 100

To celebrate it's 100th anniversary, BMW have introduced their new concept bike - a glimpse of what motorcycles could be like in the years to come. The BMW Motorrad Next Vision 100 is self balancing and is safe enough to ride without a helmet or protective gear due to the artificial intelligence system used.

The concept bike resembles BMW's very first motorcycle - BMW R23 which was released back in 1923. It features a new matte black box called "FlexFrame" which enables to turn the bike without joints that are used in current motorcycles .The idea is that when the rider turns the handlebars, the entire structure of the bike is adjusted to change the direction of the motorcycle.

The Digital Companion provides driving tips and suggestions for adjustments to help optimize the experience. The traditional dashboard is replaced by a visor where it is projected onto the windshield. Depending on the view of the rider, it allows you to select the function you want by placing your finger on the icon.

BMW Motorrad Next Vision 100 is said to be an environmentally friendly motorbike. However BMW have not specified whether it will be electric but the manufacturer said there will be no carbon emissions.

It does sound too good to be true, but we need to remember that concept bikes are not an accurate implementation of the production model. Edgar Heinrich, head of the design studio branch of BMW Motorrad claimed that this is just a vision of freedom that bikers gain a few decades - without the need to have driving skills and with full security control.

If this concept does go into production, would it need to be tailored in order to meet laws and regulations and would this type of bike be considered safe to use in busy congested area's?