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BMW announce the new R nineT Pure and the R nineT Racer

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Posted on 06 Oct 2016

BMW announce the new R nineT Pure and the R nineT Racer

BMW have released exciting information about the follow up to the R nineT 2013 and the R nineT Scrambler in 2015, which are better known as the R nineT Pure and the R nineT Racer. These motorcycles are new models with a classic look from the 60’s/70’s, and are part of the Motorrad Herritage world of experience range. With the bikes expected to launch in March 2017, BMW hope that the classic range will encourage and influence the bikers of today, due to the popularity of such models in the 60’s/70’s.

Both models include similar features such as Automatic Stability Control, a 320-millimetre twin disc ABS brake, and a 1170 cc potent boxer engine with 110 HP (81kW). In addition, each bike was designed for the option of personalisation due to the modular frame, meaning the rider can customise the motorcycle to their own taste.

R nineT Pure

The R nineT Pure symbolises the classic, purist roadster, a genuine design stripped to the necessities. Although the bike focuses on a much more classic design, it also incorporates some modern, technical elements such as fork bridges in forged aluminum, quality footrests and a brushed stainless steel 2-in-1 exhaust system. The motorcycle also comes in non-metallic Catalana Grey.


R nineT Racer

The R nineT Racer was designed to allow riders to reminisce about the popular bikes from the 1970’s, which were utilised in sporting events. Similarly, the R nineT Racer showcases a classic design whilst also integrating modern technology. The bikes features 70’s set back footrests with a hump seat and half fairing whilst the 2-in-1 exhaust is polished in stainless steel. BMW have focused the colour design on previous motor sport bikes which is a non-metallic light white.