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BMW and Touratech R1200 GS Rambler

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Posted on 16 Jan 2017

BMW and Touratech R1200 GS Rambler

BMW Touratech bike

BMW have teamed up with Touratech to provide us with a brand new R1200 GS Rambler. I mean the colour isn’t for everyone, but we love it!

What’s extra special about this 1200-cc adventure bike is that it is superlight, with it’s liquid-cooled boxer engine weight under 200 pounds. The new model not only looks like a sporty bike, but also has the ability to move like one.

BMW and Touratech have come up with not one, but two prototypes for the new model, which don’t really differ other than in colour choice. These colour options include the black, grey, and yellow Touratech design and the classic BMW motorsport colours white, blue and red. The stunning new model carries torque-intensive drive which provides 125 hp. In addition to this, the motorcycle carries an 18 litre petrol tank, a light-weight single-disk front brake, and of course ABS.