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A Bike of the future from Digimoto?

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 23 Nov 2016

A Bike of the future from Digimoto?

Digimoto R1200R

Now this is what we call a concept bike!

The Digimoto R1200R is a fantastic new design concept which was put together by Zanzotti, Graydev and Wunderlich with astonishing features that are just out of this world.

The team originally started with a BMW R1200R, where they then uncovered the bike completely until they were left with just the engine and the motorcycles frame. Once the bike had been taken apart, the team scanned the motorcycle in 3D which let them design and develop customised components that would best fit the bike as well as their requirements.

Moreover, the motorcycle’s concept was designed and prototyped in virtual reality, which is something many motorcycle manufacturers are attempting to integrate for future products. The bike is completely covered in cameras and sensors that monitor the information gathered from riding which is then processed into a display in the rider’s helmet. Cool, right?

I mean, the design is just incredible and we just can’t take our eyes off it.

Unfortunately, of course, the motorcycle most definitely will not be going into production. However, perhaps we can expect similar features to appear on the new bikes over the next 10-20 years.

We can only hope.