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Are Suzuki planning a new GSX-150R for 2018?

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Posted on 19 Dec 2016

Are Suzuki planning a new GSX-150R for 2018?

Suzuki GSX-150R 2018

From what we can see, it appears that Suzuki have plans to release a brand-new GSX-150R for 2018, as documents seen in Asia suggest so.

Some new patents have been filed by Suzuki Indonesia for a brand new GSX-150R and the documents for the motorcycle show the bike as a much bigger and potentially more powerful naked bike. Exactly what we need!

Suzuki patent

Of course it’s going to be a long wait before the bike goes into production and perhaps even before we see a prototype. However, it is essential that the motorcycle brands file their patents before production to secure their design. If only we didn’t need to wait.

Although there is not much we can tell about the new bike other than the fact that it looks a lot bigger than its predecessor, we can see from the plans that it is set to be much more powerful due to changes in the exhaust.

Well, we can’t wait to see what Suzuki have in store for 2018 already, and we expect to start receiving more details by next autumn.