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Arai's brand new Chaser-X helmet

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 11 Oct 2016

Arai's brand new Chaser-X helmet

After making an appearance at Intermot last week, Arai have provided more details and images concerning the new Chaser-X Helmet which is set to arrive in stores at some point throughout Spring 2017. The Chaser-X is the third helmet developed by Arai which utilises the Variable Axis System technology, and is the first shield system to almost fit the ideal shell form due to having a much rounder and smoother Snell test line, improving “glancing off capacity”. Additionally, the Chaser-X has adopted a brand new ventilation system, which appears on the chin, and on top of the helmet, taking its inspiration from the RX-7V, as well as the Visor Lock System.

Each Chaser-X helmet comes with a replaceable, anti-microbial interior, a Max Vision Visor and Pin lock inlay lens. What’s even more exciting is that the helmet is available in Black, Front Black, Aluminium Silver and White, which means you can choose a colour best suited to your style.