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Aprilia expose a 250 bhp RSV4R FW-GP

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Posted on 22 Dec 2016

Aprilia expose a 250 bhp RSV4R FW-GP

Aprilia RSV4R FW GP

Aprilia first introduced their Factory Works Program around two years ago, and the main purpose of the project is to create high performing racing bikes, developed with MotoGP technology which can be sold to interested customers.

With plenty of money we bet too…

The Factory Works Program will be working very closely with those interested in purchasing the new RSV4R FW-GP to ensure that the supported superbike will fit buyer’s specifications. This will of course mean that the motorcycle will be custom-made to tailor each customer’s requirements.

In addition, the brand-new RSV4 FW-GP comes with pneumatic valves, 250 bhp, and the engine now utilises MotoGP’s 81 mm bore restriction, which is greater than the standard RSV4 bore which is normally 78 mm.

Moreover, it is possible that the best part of the new machine is that Aprilia are providing an after sales package which means that an engineer will set the bike up for track testing, as well as being available whenever the bike is out on the race track, should the customer require the assistance.

So far, no price has been identified for one of these exclusive bikes. However, we can imagine it will be pretty high.