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Andrea Iannone Wins First Moto GP In Austria

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Posted on 15 Aug 2016

MotoGP Austrian 2016 - Andrea Dovizioso, Andrea Ionnone, Jorge Lorenzo (Image Source:

MotoGP Austrian 2016 - Andrea Dovizioso, Andrea Ionnone, Jorge Lorenzo (Image Source:

Andrea Iannone has won the Austrian Grand Prix by completing the race in just 39 minutes and 46.255 seconds. Team Ducati has been favourited to win ever since winning last years race.

lannone said:

"It is a very big moment for me, an incredible feeling after what has been a difficult time for me in this class. I am so happy to give Ducati this first win for them in many years since Casey."

Iannone made last minute decisions and used soft tyres compared to his rival racers. Michelin and engineers expected him to struggle with his tyre choice, but instead he took the lead and won by just 0.938 seconds, beating Ducati team mate Andrea Dovizioso.

“Yesterday, I worked with both tires, soft and hard. The hard one had a big drop. After six or seven laps, it was very difficult to manage, especially on the right side. When I tried the soft one in FP4, I finished with 22 laps and my best laps were 1:24.2, 1:23.9, and 1:23.9. When I came back to the box,

I talked with my engineers and Michelin.I explained my feeling, that I think this tire is better for the race. Michelin did not agree 100 percent, but today, I believed in me. It was very important to manage the tires—not spin a lot, not slide. Also, I used less fuel for the first half of the race. I think it was a very good strategy.”

Jorge Lorenzo was placed third on the podium and felt like it was the best he could have done.

“When you have won many races, like I have been able to do in my career, third place is not exactly the same as a victory. But today, third was the maximum. I was really focused, and I pushed all of the race.

At the beginning, I could be even faster than Iannone but I couldn’t pass him. I stayed calm in second place. Dovizioso passed me and they increased the pace a little bit. I couldn’t keep the same pace, especially on the right, because our tire started to destroy. We started losing acceleration, and our best position was third.”

Andrea took to his social media to celebrate his victory and to thank his crew.