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​AGV’s new K-5 S Helmets

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 18 Nov 2016

AGV’s new K-5 S Helmets


So, AGV have revealed the new K-5 S at EICMA, and there are an exciting 18 to choose from. Unfortunately, the helmets are not yet available in the UK. However, if you fancy going to North America to get a DOT one right now, feel free. It is likely that the helmets will be available around the second week of December 2016.

AGV have created a helmet which is much more comfortable due to a new inner lining which has been reconstructed, as well as featuring sporty styling. Prices start from £269.99

The stunning new range features a lightweight shell which is made from carbon fibre glass and includes an integrated ventilation system which is burrowed into the shell. Moreover, AGV have incorporated an internal drop down sun visor, a wind protector, and a removable nose guard.

Furthermore, some extra features you can expect from the new K-5 S are Pinlock, an integrated spoiler and micro-opening visor. Also, the rim of the helmets have been designed to decrease the risk of damaging your collar bones in the event of a fall.

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