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Our mission is to make sure you don't miss out on any motorcycle news, bringing you a one-stop shop of in-depth features, forthcoming shows, cool videos and honest reviews. Born from the ashes of BLD Group Plc., Ministry of Bikes has been taken over by a fresh new team! The name has been resurrected by our dedicated band of motorcycle racers, engineers, writers and enthusiasts, in order to bring you a brand new information hub for motorcycle news, sports and interest!

Get the latest round up of sports news, interesting bike snippets, longer articles, product reviews and recommendations on new gear, motorcycle tips and more. We've got you covered for the most exciting upcoming events, new hot products, and must have beautiful shiny machines...the whole shebang. Occasionally we're not averse to four wheels either - check out our Metal section for cars, new electric gizmos, and other petrol head delights.

You can be a part of Ministry of Bikes by getting in touch, and could see your post, pictures or videos featured on the site for like minded motorcyclists to read and enjoy. We look forward to hearing from anyone with an interest in or hobby based around motorcycles, whether that be the Retro Classic circuit, Custom scene or full-on MotoGP.

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